Cinema Junkie Podcast 194: The Global Pandemic Film Primer

"From Cambodia to Hollywood, pop culture explores how fear and panic can spread as readily as a virus."

"Cinema Junkie has been exploring escapist films to distract you from our current coronavirus pandemic but as parts of the country and some businesses start to reopen I decided it was time to explore some unconventional pandemic films that raise issues beyond just the virus itself. I will be speaking with neuroscientist and emotion researcher Eric Leonardis who has been spending his quarantined time at home watching pandemic films but he has an interesting take on these movies because he wants to see how emotions like panic and fear can spread as readily as a virus and how words can be as dangerous as germs. We will consider silents to contemporary films as well as films from China, Cambodia, South Korea and the U.S. So wash your hands, put on a mask, and defy being infected by these pandemic movies." ~ Beth Accomando

Global Pandemic Film Primer Includes:

1. 감기 Flu (2013)

2.  The Crazies (1973) by George A Romero

3. រត់ Run (2013)

4. Die Pest in Florenz (1919)

5. The Masque of The Red Death (1964)

6. 大明劫Fall of Ming (2013)

7. Panic in The Streets (1950)

8. The Cassandra Crossing

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