Science LaB at Dirtybird Campout 2017

As any good camp counselor knows, no summer camping experience is complete without the time-honored tradition of getting a little nerdy. This year at Dirtybird Campout a team of house-bumping scientists will be hosting a themed section of the camp, the Science LaB, focused on fun and engaging installations, demonstrations, and presentations that demonstrate interconnectedness and complexity in nature. Special guest J.Phlip will be hosting robot races with us this year! Get ready to grab your test tubes, dirty house beats, and some science experiments and experience the immersive educational Science LaB at the Craftopia section of Dirtybird Campout 2017! Friday 11am-3pm - Science Exploratorium 10pm-12am - Visualizing Complexity 2am-4am - Science Symposium Saturday 11am-4pm - Science Exploratorium 4pm-5pm - Robot Races, Hosted by J.Phlip! 5pm-7pm - Science Exploratorium 10pm-12am - Visualizing Complexity 2am-4am - Science Symposium Sunday 11am-7pm - Science Exploratorium 10pm-12am- Visualizing Complexity 2am-4am - Science Symposium The Science Exploratorium will feature CA Native Plants, a crystal making station, chaotic pendulums, metronomes, illusions and much more! Teams will also have the opportunity to compete in Robot Races, where you will code robots with simple commands to avoid objects in an obstacle course! Science Symposium Presentations: Eric Leonardis, “Unifying Systems Theories” Hudson Cooper, “Machine Learning and Complexity” Tessa Verhoef, “Cultural Evolution of Language, Music, Art and Technology” Fernando Contreras, “Self-Organization and Complex Adaptive Systems” Rana Haddad, “Culinary Chemistry: Are We Really Eating Clean?” Lena Freij, “CA Native Plants” + “Sustainability and Women’s Health” + “Great Barrier Grief” Harrison Weinstein, “The Earth Is Not Flat” BrainScratch is a group of eclectic scientists who have shared their excitement and passions about systems science and sustainability with audiences at Lightning in a Bottle, Desert Hearts, and Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland. Our scientists have expertise spanning environmental science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, systems theory and are excited to get our nerd on! :) Visuals Provided by Brandon Littell. Audio Immersion by Drew Blyther and John Olarte, Special Guest Davy James.

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