BrainScratch at Desert Hearts 2017

BrainScratch celebrated skepticism and the round spherical earth at Desert Hearts 2017!


Fernando Contreras "Artificial Intelligence and Biological Complexity"

What is AI actually? Are there really super intelligent artificial systems bound on world domination, or is it just a bunch of media hype? Bioengineer Fernando Contreras will give a crash course in AI and explore the limitations of artificial intelligence in relation to the intricate complexity of biological systems.

Eric Leonardis “Cyber-Punk Visions: Techno-Skepticism and Social Technologies”

Techno was founded on the philosophy that although automated technologies can be alienating in the modern world, technology can also be used to bring together unique and diverse communities of humans. However, especially in lieu of recent events, we must foster constructive counter-culture, community skepticism and evidenced-based conversations (both in person and online), to vaccinate our loved ones from that flat earth fever that’s been going around!

Cameron Jones and Cartographer "Understanding a Consumption-Dependent Society"

How much does the average American really consume in a day, week and year? What about a lifetime? Environmental Scientist Cameron Jones and the infamous Trash Pirate Caleb "Cartographer" Robertson broke down and demonstrated the effects of consumption in American society, giving festival goers a deep sense of how our behavior effects the world around us, and how we can change our behaviors to foster a better world.

Communications Scientist Yelena Gluzman hosted a collaborative activity in space “Drawing Thinking” where she will be constructing models of cognition and thought with café goers!

“You spin me right round baby, right round!”

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