Online Social Communication

IU's Observatory on Social Media

"A major milestone of IU's project was the release of a public Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) to share and explore data derived from our meme diffusion analytics, making big social data more easily accessible to social scientists, reporters, and the general public. OSoMe comprises Web tools that provide users with the power to analyze online trends and visualize temporal, geographic, and network patterns of spreading memes and bursts of viral activity. They also provide an API to help other researchers expand upon the tools, or create "mash-ups" with other data sources. For example, we released a mash-up allowing others to study how social bots manipulate online discourse on any topic. The OSoMe applications and APIs provide an easy way to access insights about meme diffusion in social media from a growing collection of 70+ billion public tweets to date."

Television Explorer: Television News As Data

"In collaboration with the Internet Archive's Television News Archive, GDELT's Television Explorer allows you to keyword search the closed captioning streams of the Archive's 6 years of American television news and explore macro-level trends in how America's television news is shaping the conversation around key societal issues. Unlike the Archive's primary Television News interface, which returns results at the level of an hour or half-hour "show," the interface here reaches inside of those six years of programming and breaks the more than one million shows into individual sentences and counts how many of those sentences contain your keyword of interest. Instead of reporting that CNN had 24 hour-long shows yesterday that mentioned Donald Trump, the interface here will count how many sentences uttered on CNN yesterday mentioned his name - a vastly more accurate metric for assessing media attention."

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EU's Cyberemotions Project

"CYBEREMOTIONS is an EU funded research project that studies observable and analyzable phenomena related to any means of communication provided by the Internet - such as text, sound, visual, or any combination of these - that are related to emotional processes in individuals or groups. Transcending the classical analysis of human emotions, researchers in this domain also deal with emergent properties of the interplay between individual human emotions, the technical infrastructure of the Internet, and communication processes linked to all spheres of life. Therefore, research in the area of CYBEREMOTIONS is closely linked with human emotional processes in general (biological, behavioral, and experiential), with Internet-mediated communication (partially erasing space and time boundaries, and with creating specific networks of interactions)."

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